24th January “Time No Longer”

This week’s entry is a bit of a ‘re-cycle’, but one I wanted to include in this project.  Given we are all once again under strict lockdown measures here in the UK, this song still feels as relevant to our situation as it did back in the summer, only this version I’ve tweaked to soundContinue reading “24th January “Time No Longer””

17th January “Yesterday’s Eyes”

This week’s entry comes directly from a “title challenge” I set a team of students last week, and ended up entering the spirit of the task and joining in myself. Based around generating certain keywords, the challenge was to create lists and then try combining words from the different columns to see if any ‘goodContinue reading “17th January “Yesterday’s Eyes””

10th January 2021 “Volcano Mornings”

I’m two weeks into my “song-a-week” challenge and I’ve already been more productive in those two weeks than I was practically through all of 2020… so far, I’m feeling good! I’ve also been thinking quite a lot about one of my musical heroes R. Stevie Moore this week.  Often revered as “The Godfather Of Lo-Fi”,  heContinue reading “10th January 2021 “Volcano Mornings””