27th August 2020 – “Well did the hours, tick away your plans?”

…goes a lyric from a new song I’ve been chipping away at for the last couple of weeks….

As John Lennon so sagely wrote “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” and for the last year never have those words rang so true.   Moving house (and having to drive much further everywhere as a result), the daily surprise of being fairly new to the parenting game, taking on new work with added paperwork etc etc….writing and creating music was quite far down the list of things I could afford to do with my time.

I may not have been making my own music, but I was still busy with others… 2 albums in the can drumming with my absolute hero Euros Childs, a run of Spanish Festivals with The Wellgreen, a trip to France with the BMX Bandits and a magical time on a UK tour with The Pearlfishers.

Then as we all know, the world was thrown into chaos.  Lockdown still wouldn’t afford me the luxury of time, but slowly things are taking shape in my musical world once again.   Here and there I’ve been chipping away at some new songs and projects.   I’m happy to report there is an EP in the making, with my first writing partner Dave Towers, as well as some soon to be revealed good news regarding a new partnership, and this….

Over and out for now….

See you all very soon!

Stu x

1st March 2019 – CHANCE WEEKEND out now!

Big thanks so far to everyone who has listened, bought, shared, tweeted, aired on radio and reviewed… it all makes a big difference and I really appreciate all the support you have shown. There are still some physical copies available HERE but you can also now stream it via all your favourite streaming sites, or even right here now…. below this message!

New album ‘Chance Weekend’ available from 1st March 2019!


My new album ‘Chance Weekend’ is available on limited edition of 100 hand stamped and dymo labelled CDs and digital download HERE.

You can also stream it using your favoured streaming sites from March 1st, Pre-save it NOW so it drops in time for breakfast! HERE

In the meantime you can stream the single right HERE!

Chance Weekend was recorded between December 2018 and January 2019 in the cupboard by myself and created by embracing chance and random. Dice rolling, prompt cards, coin toss, field loops, alphabetter boogie, cut-up lyric technique and instinct.


  1. A Picture I Don’t Want To Paint
  2. Little One
  3. Forget Me Not
  4. Tomorrow Sky
  5. Crazy George
  6. Sagro
  7. Like A Bullet
  8. Unknown Hometown
  9. I See Crocodiles
  10. Where Have They Gone?