24th January “Time No Longer”

This week’s entry is a bit of a ‘re-cycle’, but one I wanted to include in this project.  Given we are all once again under strict lockdown measures here in the UK, this song still feels as relevant to our situation as it did back in the summer, only this version I’ve tweaked to sound a little more ‘KiDD’.   

During the first lockdown, I was invited to contribute to a project curated by my friend Iain Mutch.  Iain is the genius behind my first (and only so far…) music video for “A Picture I Don’t Want To Paint” from 2019’s Chance Weekend album.  He’s a great creative mind, musician, video-maker and producer.  In short, I was honoured to be asked and jumped at the chance. 

The ’brief’ was to supply melody and lyrics to a new song, be under one minute in length, and themed around the crazy life every one of us was now living.  Iain would then take the idea and put his own spin on it with a completely fresh production.  He also asked I send some footage based on the lyrics and he’d put an accompanying video to the song.  You can see and hear it here.  I’m sure you will agree I was completely and effortlessly upstaged by my wee boy.  He made the sun shine that day.  Just like he does every day.  Iain, I’m sure you will also agree, cracked it with the production.  Great counter melodies and sounds.  I love it.

Anyway, a little background on the song itself.  I had an idea during another of my community music workshops that the young people could write some Lockdown Haikus and create a series of ‘mini’ songs all based on what they wrote.   you can hear one of them HERE, … a real beauty isn’t it?

As always, I like to join in with these tasks myself (usually I’d collaborate with the groups, but given they were all online and in their own houses, jamming was impossible…thanks lag), and came up with a couple myself, which then tied in nicely with Iain’s brief of a lockdown based song under one minute long.  A nice bit of synthesis that.

So here is my own arrangement of “Time No Longer”. Two Haikus rolled into one song.   It’s the same vocal I sent Iain.  Everything else has been re-done.

 I did write a new song this week, but halfway through recording it, I decided the arrangement wasn’t sitting right.  Rushing it just wouldn’t do it justice.  Sometimes, the bag needs to sit in the mug a little longer.

There’s always next week….maybe!

Cheers for now,

Stu x

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