Self Proclaimed Cupboard-Pop pioneer KiDD has been ever present in the Scottish music scene since 2002 contributing to somewhere in the region of 60 albums as a drummer, guitarist, bass player and vocalist. Euros Childs, Gulp, The BMX Bandits, The Pearlfishers, Jonny, Linden and St Deluxe are but a few groups who have enlisted his duties on their records as well as out on the road.

He has also released a string of records as a co-writer with Glasgow Favourites The Wellgreen with his partner in rhyme Marco Rea, and with Joe Kane under the name Dr Cosmo’s Tape Lab. In 2014 he co-wrote an album with Welsh Home-Fi Pop writer extraordinaire Ash Cooke (better known as Pulco) via email and released it under the name Poundstore Riot to critical acclaim.

2016 saw a collaboration with long time friend and ultra-romantic pop stalwart Duglas T Stewart which resulted in the 2017 BMX Bandits album ‘Forever’, recorded for the most part within the confines of the cupboard studio and released on Elefant Records .

In between times, KiDD has written and released seven of his own albums, and three e.p’s, all in his cupboard where he can be found wrestling with casio keyboards, cheap guitar pedals and an array of percussion, most of which he doesn’t know the names of, all of which can be found HERE

His last ‘official’ release titled ‘Where Are The Strange People?’ was picked up by Spanish label Pretty Olivia Records and released on vinyl in 2017, garnering rave reviews from all writers enthusiastic of the DIY music scene.

2019 saw the release of his 7th studio album “Chance Weekend”, a collection of songs inspired in part by Brian Eno’s ‘Oblique Strategies‘, Luke Rhinehart’s ‘The Dice Man‘ and various methods of making music by chance honed over the years of being a community music practitioner.  Like all KiDD releases, it is available digitally, with now only a handful of very limited edition hand stamped and dymo labelled CD left.  You can find them at the RETAiL PARK! and read all about the creative process in WRiTiNG.

2020 saw a year long haitus from writing and recording as the world came to a standstill (along with mental capacity), with the exception of writing the theme tune to the podcast comedy show Roaches Coaches.

2021 sees KiDD undertake a different approach altogether.  Abandoning the traditional practice of making and releasing a collection of songs in album format, KiDD is opting to write, record and release one new piece of music every week for a whole year.

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